Adventure Buddy. Netflix Junkie. Sci-Fi Geek. Volunteerholic. Human Rights Advocate. Bayou Country. Gummy Bear Lover. Friend. Sometimes Vegan. Sometimes Gluten-Free. Road Trip Diehard. Foodie. Goofy. Loyal. INFJ. Dog Mother. Band Nerd. TEDx Speaker. Novice App Developer. Author. UN Delegate. Professor. Lifelong Learner. Innovative. Wannabe Techie. Idealist. Professional. SME. Recovering Governmental Lawyer.

Listen to a recent podcast interview. See my latest creative works: a 10 volume children's book on tough topics for families, trauma-informed educators, therapists, counselors and professionals, Ebony and Ella, with curriculum to follow with each volume, and a free comic book based on my first fictional narrative novel. Same story just in comic book format. Learn more about who is Bernice Rathe.



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